We are...

A Christ-Centered Community

intent on proclaiming the Gospel,
making disciples, & sacrificially serving Jesus.

What is Go with Grace all about? God has blessed us with a beautiful campus. We want to improve it in such a way that will allow us to better fulfill our ultimate goal and glorify God as we reach out more effectively to the surrounding community. We want to transform our current site into a venue that clearly invites the community to be a part of what God is doing in our church.

Looking to Jesus


The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Scripture

If you believe Scripture is supreme and sufficient you won't be content with reading the Bible a little bit every day. You'll immerse yourself in the Word, think about it, talk about it, pray about it, let it wash over every aspect of your being.

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Jesus Loves You!

Jesus loves you because He made you, chose you, and saved you; not because of your good behavior.

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Secret Disciples

Secret Disciples need to come into the light of day.

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Upcoming Events

Wed Jul 26

Wednesday Park Nights

Don't miss this chance to show Christ's love to our neighbors!

Sun Jul 30

Baptism Class 7/30/17

Learn more about why you need to be baptized!

Tue Aug 01

Women's Tuesday Bible Study - Summer 2017

Join with other ladies from Grace and study God's Word together!

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8:15, 9:45, & 11:15am