We are...

A Christ-Centered Community

intent on proclaiming the Gospel,
making disciples, & sacrificially serving Jesus.

What is Go with Grace all about? God has blessed us with a beautiful campus. We want to improve it in such a way that will allow us to better fulfill our ultimate goal and glorify God as we reach out more effectively to the surrounding community. We want to transform our current site into a venue that clearly invites the community to be a part of what God is doing in our church.

Looking to Jesus

Proclaiming Grace to Broken Hearts

God proclaims grace to broken, breaking, bending, beloved, beautiful hearts. It is costly, painful, eternal, and free. He saves and secures suffering souls. He applies essential truth and meets the deepest need in Christ.

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Only Jesus Can Unwaste A Life

Don’t waste your life on trifling things; things destined to burn. Invest your energy, resources, gifts, and talents on eternally significant pursuits.

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Setting Your Mind on the Spirit

If you want to put your mind on the things of the Spirit then put your mind on, think about, focus on, get preoccupied with, everything that the Spirit is preoccupied with.

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Upcoming Events

Wed Aug 22

Wednesday Park Nights

Don't miss this chance to show Christ's love to our neighbors!

Wed Aug 22

Youth Groups - Summer 2018

Meet weekly with other jr highers or high schoolers for learning, activities and friendship!

Fri Aug 24

PrimeTime Beach BBQ

Join other seniors as we get to know each other better!

Sat Aug 25

Men's Angels Baseball Game

Join with other men from Grace for an evening at the ballpark!

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Join us Sunday at 

8:15, 9:45, & 11:15am