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Home Groups are an essential way we build life-changing relationships. As we interact with others through God's Word, prayer, and fellowship, we grow closer to one another and to Jesus. For more info on our multigenerational home groups, see this document.

Home group discussion questions are on the Sermon Discussion Questions page.

Want to join a home group?

Fill out this form and a group leader will contact you. Home groups are always open! Questions about a specific group? Feel free to get in touch with one of the leaders below!

Want to start or lead a group?

Contact Peter Woodson or Paul Phillips.



  • 5:30pm // Cypress  // Craig Loo & Marty Krebs
  • 6:30pm // Orange // Mike Sciarra & Mike Ayulo
  • 6:30pm // Orange // Tom Licata & Jim Slazas
  • 7:00pm // Orange // Andrew McNeill & Cody Skelly


  • 6:30pm // Orange // Bob Gnewuch & Mark Holbrook


  • 6:30 // Santa Ana // Simon Goodyear & Dennis Sorenson
  • 7:00pm // Santa Ana // Andrew Scoble & Jim Floroi


  • 7:00pm // Orange // Ed Romero & Jeff Lauridsen


  • 7:00pm // Orange // Jim Brancucci & Bud Gilbertson
  • 7:00pm // Orange // Ed Trenner & Scott McMillan
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