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Crossing the Kidron


Inspired by Matthew Holbrook's sermon on John 18:1-11. ...

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God's Love and Our Pain


Why is Christmas so hard when you have lost a loved one or gone through some other huge relational pain? Because you love....

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He of Cradle, Cross, and Crown

A poem about Jesus. ...

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Why John 3:16 changes everything

John 3:16 is big. It is not light and fluffy, it is significant and weighty. It tells us the basis of the cross. It tells us why Jesus died in our place. It tells us why his precious blood was shed. And it gives us the answer for why we can have any hope of being saved. Nicodemus came to Jesus at night, because he was afraid of his fellow countrymen who hated Jesus. It is...

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The Precious Blood of Christ

Going to the Cross Jesus' life was innocent, devalued and hated. We were guilty, puffed up and self-absorbed. ...

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The Scandal of Extravagant Waste

Cost-cutting measures don't fit into God's sovereign plans. ...

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Planned, Plotted, Purposed

What can you do out of a heart of loving devotion to Jesus?...

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Death Could Not Hold Him

God made evil boomerang on itself at the cross. It was forced by man but foreordained by God. ...

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Prepare Your Hearts for Easter

We should take time to grasp and savor the true significance of Easter. ...

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