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Looking to Jesus

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Speaking of Repentance, Break Up the Fallow Ground!

True repentance is a change of heart and mind and actions; away from sin and toward God. ...

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Free Radicals

Christ's Lordship transforms us into free radicals. Free in Christ to live radically for Jesus and the Gospel. ...

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A New Day Dawned

A sort of poem...forgive the CAPS. I'm not yelling.:-)...

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Thoughts on God process of making believers more like Christ. ...

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Know for Certain that Jesus is Lord

Let the nations rage. Let secularists and humanists boast of their autonomy. Let everyone stand in opposition. Let them drag your name through the mud in the public square. Let the chips fall where they may. You acknowledge Christ's Lordship. You stand for Gospel truth. Because you are eternally safe in Christ....

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Faithful and Kind

Faithfulness and kindness are in short supply and there's nothing like a road trip across our beautiful land to remind you of that truth. Truckers rarely yield and out of state motorists, including me, aren't much better....

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The Clock and the Dollar

Besides people, what were the greatest causes of stress in your life today? If you are anything like me I'd venture to guess that have to do with the clock and the dollar....

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What it Takes to Grow in Christ

Growth in Christ takes God's power and our participation. ...

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Two Kinds of Preaching

Often times, believers get really nervous when they hear that they are to preach the Gospel. It should be encouraging to know that there are two kinds of preaching in the book of Acts that believers today ought to engage in as well. Two kinds of preaching means twice as much God-ordained fun....

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Growth in Christ is like a Long Steep Climb

God wants and expects us to grow. It is purposeful. Obviously there is so much we can say about how God enables us to grow. God wants us to, He desires for us to grow. He also expects it to happen. When God is at work in your life it's going to happen. 1 Peter 2:2 says to long for the pure milk of the Word so that by it we may grow with respect to salvation. Ephesians 4 s...

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