Religious People Need the Gospel Romans 2:12-29

November 5, 2017 Speaker: Mike Sciarra Series: Series in Romans

Topic: Romans Passage: Romans 2:12–2:29

Discussion Questions

  1. Read 1 Sam. 16:7; Jer. 17:10; 1 Cor. 4:5. Since Jesus Christ will judge all the secrets of all people, He must have infinite knowledge. How does this prove Christ's deity and what else does it tell us about Him? 
  2. Read Phil, 2:1-11. How can believers guard against thinking too highly of themselves and too lowly of others?
  3. Read 1 Pet. 1:3-5. How does the inward regeneration of the human heart cure mere externalism?
  4. Read Matt. 28:18-20. Does baptism have any value for the person who does not believe the Gospel? Is it necessary for salvation? What is its value?
  5. Read Rom. 8:1-11. Does a change in your inner person, your heart, inevitably lead to a change in your actions? How does outward reformation of the flesh differ from inward regeneration of the human heart?

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