Evening Communion

How does Three-Fold Communion work?

We begin in the Worship Center with a light meal and a time for testimonies. After that, we'll go to footwashing; the men will be in one room, women in another, or we'll have a separate place where whole families can wash feet together. Afterward, everyone will return to the Worship Center for singing and taking bread and cup. 

Those who have never participated in Three-Fold Communion are often a bit nervous about foot-washing. Letting someone wash your feet is not an everyday occurance! If you'd like, you are welcome to only observe and not participate in that portion of the evening, but we believe that foot-washing was not only commanded by Jesus (John 13:14-15) but is of great spiritual significance (see below) and we'd encourage you take part.


What is the spiritual significance of Three-Fold Communion?

A Three-Fold Communion Service is a picture of the three-fold ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ in our lives. There are three aspects, His past ministry on the Cross, His present ministry in Heaven, and His future ministry also in Heaven.

The past ministry of Christ is our Salvation, His sacrifice on the Cross. We take the bread and the cup as a remembrance of His Death for our sins. (1 Cor. 10:1-11:34) {1 Cor. 10:16 "The cup of blessing that we bless, is it not a participation in the blood of Christ? The bread that we break, is it not a participation in the body of Christ?"}

The present ministry of Christ at the right hand of the Father is our Sanctification, His intercessory
work on our behalf. We practice the feet washing because it reminds us of our need to confess our sins. Since we walk in this sinful world, we do not need to ”bathe” again because we are already saved, but we do need to “wash our feet” because we need to confess our sins so that He may
cleanse us and forgive us of our sins. This is not an act of humility of my washing your feet, but rather it is an act of humility in admitting to you that I need washing of my feet for I have sinned by walking in this sinful world. The key thought here is to be in an attitude of confession while our feet are being washed. It is a moment of serious inner reflection and confession. That is why we have feet washing before the bread and the cup, so that we might be cleansed, and be worthy of the bread and cup of our Lord. (John 13:1-38, 1 John 1:9) {1 Cor. 11:28 "Let a person examine himself, then, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup."}

The future ministry of Christ is presenting us to Himself as His Bride at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, our Glorification. This is the meal time where we have fellowship with one another as we celebrate together our future glorification and our eternal union with Christ. (Rev. 19:1-21) {Rev. 19:7 “Let us rejoice and exult and give him the glory, for athe marriage of the Lamb has come, and bhis Bride has made herself ready;”}

In conclusion, the order is first, celebration for our future by coming together for the token meal, then confession of our sins to align ourselves to Him by humbling ourselves before Him by allowing our feet to be washed, and last but not least, to have communion with Him by remembering His sacrifice for us.

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