Sermon Discussion Questions

Week of Sunday, February 17, 2019 
The Righteous Freedom of God, Part 2
Romans 9:14-18


Discussion Questions:

  1. Regarding what God says about Pharaoh in Ex. 9:16, is God just in raising up an evil person to do evil things to harm His chosen people?
  2. What would happen if God wasn’t the one in control of it all? What would be the case if man had come up with the story? 
  3. What would be the ramifications of having an unknowing God who simply reacts to what happens and doesn’t know what is going to go down? Why is it good that God does not act in response to external stimuli?
  4. How does the knowledge of God’s righteous freedom in showing mercy and giving justice comfort and challenge your heart?
  5. What practical privileges does God’s righteous freedom (which includes His purpose, power, proclamation of His glorious Name, and sovereign prerogative) bless us with? 



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