Internship Details

Deepen your discipleship, expand your worldview, and strengthen your character! The GCO Summer Internship is designed for college-age young adults and provides eight weeks of immersion in biblical training, reading, prayer, group discussions, youth and children's ministry, and cross-cultural outreach.

The program was created to help people think biblically about service and discipleship in the local church as they grow through the formative college years. We desire that this experience would set a trajectory for the rest of an intern's life as God shapes them into the man or woman they were made to be.

This internship requires you to be available from June 12 through August 7.

Internship Application

Prospective interns for the 2022 summer internship can apply here. Before applying, please look through the FAQs below to get an idea if the internship would be a good fit for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of person is best suited for this internship? We are looking for college-age believers who love Jesus, love His Church, and love His Word. Prospective interns should be eager to grow in their relationship with the Lord, eager to mature in their understanding of how discipleship works in the local church, and eager to grow in their ability to bless the body with their gifts through practical service and ministry. Interns are not required to have plans to pursue vocational ministry. We want to equip believers who will minister in their church all the time regardless of their vocation.

What is the weekly time committment? Interns will work 30 hours per week on average, usually working Sunday through Thursday plus occasional weekend events. 

Can I work another job while I am an intern? We ask interns to work an average of 30 hours per week, sometimes at unusual times, so it would be difficult to maintain another part time job over the summer. In addition, we want each intern to approach the summer as a chance to grow as much as possible in a short time, and we want there to be as few distractions as possible in that pursuit. So the short answer is no, but reach out to us if you want to discuss a special situation.

Do I have to be a part of Grace Church of Orange? No. This internship is open to applicants from outside of Grace Orange, but we desire that applicants would be coming from like-minded churches, affirm the statement of faith at Grace, and share similar ministry values.

Do I have to be a college student? Not necessarily. If you are not currently enrolled in full-time school, but your age and stage of life aligns with college students, we would encourage you to apply. At a minimum though, you must be a high school graduate.

What if I'm gone for part of the summer? Because the internship is only a brief eight weeks, we require that interns are present for the entirety of the internship. Sick days and possibly some personal days will be allowed, but prospective interns should plan to be in town for all the weeks the internship runs (June 12 to August 7). 

What does an average internship week look like? Some weeks will involve lots of practical serving at various ministry events (VBS, local outreach children's camp, etc.). Other weeks will focus more on reading, discussion, planning, and personal growth. At a minimum, each week will involve some amount of Bible study and worldview building, discussions with fellow interns and church staff, and practical service with a ministry of the church. 

Do I have to have previous ministry experience? What we want to see is a pattern in your life of faithful devotion to the Lord and His people. If you have never had an "official" ministry role that's no problem. What counts is a life of faithfulness and a desire to serve Christ.

Is this a paid internship? Yes, we do provide a small stipend. We hope this will bless our interns and save them from having to raise their own support for the summer (as many similar programs require). 

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Connor Hass who oversees the internship program.

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