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"Ultimately, why are we doing this? God has blessed us with a beautiful campus and we want to improve it in such a way that will allow us to better fulfill our ultimate goal and glorify God as we reach out more effectively to our surrounding community. We want to transform our current site into a venue that clearly invites people to come and be a part of what God is doing."
-The Go With Grace Team 


Kitchen and Fellowship Hall:

COMPLETED January 2016

Our kitchen is in need of refurbishment. The cabinetry is the original from 1970, and our ministries often need more counter space than we can provide. A serving window would allow better access to the kitchen during events. We use our fellowship hall as a classroom area on Sundays and classes are interrupted every time someone enters or exits the kitchen. Separate doors for the kitchen and fellowship hall would give classes privacy while allowing easier access to both areas.

Mulitplex (Covered Sports Court)

We want to build a Mulitplex (covered sports court) that can be utilized for various recreational activities, church events, and community use. This will be an addition to our property that benefits both our church family and the surrounding community. The Mulitplex will be located on the north end of the grass field. The structure will include a full basketball court, volleyball court, and AWANA game square. With lights to allow for evening use, the sports court will be an excellent multi-use venue for church gatherings and fun events, while preserving the majority of our green space.

Worship Center

Our worship center is in need of updating and refurbishment. The front of the church is somewhat unwelcoming, due to the large wooden doors and solid stone walls which allow zero visibility. The entryway and lobby are often crowded and need to be widened to better accommodate people. The restrooms are outdated and in need of upgrading to meet ADA standards. The mothers’ room also needs expanding. These improvements will also give us the added benefit of a few more rows of chairs. Our facilities need to be large enough to serve our growing congregation.

Welcoming Environment

Presently, our church is difficult to find. From the west, visibility is obstructed by the freeway and the bridge from Fairhaven Avenue. From the east, our entrance is hidden off of Lowry Street. Improved signage, clearly visible from both the freeway and the bridge, will increase our accessibility to the community. Finally, we intend to increase our outdoor seating to create a more comfortable place for relational interaction. Clearer signage, outdoor seating, and open gates will enhance our welcoming environment.

 Letter re: updated Mulitplex placement and Site plan


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