Grace Kids (Elementary)

Grace Kids provides age-appropriate Bible lessons and learning activities on Sunday morning that are both fun and spiritually rich. Kid’s Worship takes place during 1st and 3rd service, while Bible Classes take place during 2nd service.

Kid’s Worship

Kid’s Worship is for kids in grades K-4th and takes place during 1st and 3rd service. It dismisses from the service after the announcements, and closely parallels the experience of being in the main service for children, as it always focuses on the same Bible passage as the main service. The teachers use no curriculum, they prepare their own Bible lesson based on the passage, and strive to teach clearly and applicationally. Kid’s Worship takes place in the Children's Building room 305 during the lesson time, and then will move to the playground afterward where they can be picked up after the service.

2nd service bible Classes

We value age-integrated and age-specific ministries here at Grace. We want kids to have the opportunity to go to service with their parents as well as have a Bible class specifically designed for their stage in life. We believe the parents are the primary voices of the Gospel for kids and we want them heavily involved in what we teach during 2nd service. In an effort to accomplish this goal, we have provided these take home pages for parents to aid parents in preparing their kids for Sunday morning. For this week's take home lesson, please click on the grade of your child:

Family Follow Up Questions

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Grace Kids can often use more volunteers to help teach or to assist in the classrooms. If you are interested in serving the Lord in this way, please contact Randy Clark.

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