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Are You a Judas or a Peter?

Judas found no place for repentance; Peter did. We all sin, but we aren't all being saved. ...

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Crazy Sin

I know he's an easy target, but Judas Iscariot was a piece of work. ...

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The Harsh Reality of Betrayal

Jesus, Judas, Betrayal, Sin. It's easy to condemn Judas. God does. Think about it. He was a weed among the wheat, a wolf among the sheep, a fake among the real, a pretender, an imposter, he was acting. He wasn't the real deal. A pawn in Satan's hand. Jesus pronounced Woe on him. "The Son of man goes as it has been decreed, but woe to the one by whom He is betrayed." (Luke...

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The Scandal of Extravagant Waste

Cost-cutting measures don't fit into God's sovereign plans. ...

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Planned, Plotted, Purposed

What can you do out of a heart of loving devotion to Jesus?...

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Death Could Not Hold Him

God made evil boomerang on itself at the cross. It was forced by man but foreordained by God. ...

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Do Something Now

I don't know what you should do but you should do something to bless someone. ...

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