Looking to Jesus

Looking to Jesus

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Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor

Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor who tells us what we need to hear. ...

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For Christ and the Kingdom

Ask yourself what is best for the Kingdom of Jesus, not what is best for you. ...

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Dangerous Pursuits

Matthew 22:23-33 continues an unfriendly trend. Next in line to try to trip Jesus up with a whopper of a question? Enter the Sadducees, lesser-known counterparts of the more numerous Pharisees. different yet similar, control freaks in love with their own ideas....

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In Christ, Mockers Become Imitators

Bonhoeffer said, "The follower of Jesus is the imitator of God". So the rejecter of Jesus is the mocker of God. In Christ enemies become friends, and mockers imitators. ...

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A Word of Encouragement

Everyone loves encouragement. Everyone needs it too. I want to commend you for the many things I see you doing right, the things the Holy Spirit is doing in and through you....

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Christ's Authority is Unrivaled

Christ's authority is unrivaled....

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What Really Matters

Some things just won't matter in five years or five days....

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