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Looking to Jesus

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9 Ways to be a Good Christian Neighbor


9 Ways to be a Good Christian Neighbor. ...

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Loving People Like Jesus Loves Us


Loving people like Jesus loves us leaves lots of room for understanding before evaluation and curbs our tendency to blast others....

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Why We Do Not Need to Fear


Why we do not need to fear anything or anyone except God....

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Dealing with the Searing Pain of Loss


What should we remember when we're going through pain or helping others going through it?...

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Leveraging the Scattering

How you can you be a good evangelist, leveraging the scattering we already do (geographically) and the scattering God allows through persecution? ...

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Reformation, Revival, and Preaching

Reformation and Revival is marked by true preaching....

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Killing Christians

The killing of Christians exposes our sin and need of Gospel repentance and redemptive reengagement with lost and hurting humanity. Jesus said do not fear those who kill your body but cannot touch your soul. Fear Him who has the power over both body and soul (Matt. 10:28). God is Sovereign and Almighty, Terrorists are not....

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Repentance that Leads to Life

What is the nature of repentance?...

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Hearing From God

A lot of people talk about hearing from God. What does it mean to hear from God? Follow these four steps if you want to hear from God....

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Remembering to Obey

Blue cords aside, what helps you remember to obey God's instructions? Check out these 4 primary built-in reminders. ...

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