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“A Christian’s Prayer for Understanding”

Lord, I don’t understand. I can’t make sense of this world. I can’t wrap my mind or my heart around the endless parade of depravity that we have access to at a moment’s notice today. I don’t understand why senseless tragedies happen. I don’t understand why evil sometimes seems to prevail. I don’t understand how it can proliferate at certain moments in certain pockets of the world.

Lord, I don’t understand the deep and hidden recesses of my own heart. I don’t understand my responses to what I see. I don’t understand my hatred of people who perpetrate horrendous evil and I certainly am confused by the propensity of my own heart to manufacture evil thoughts, motives, and imaginations.

Lord, I know but don’t fully understand how a baby is formed in the womb with a preloaded sin nature. I don’t understand how a young murderer gets to the point of hatching a premeditated plan. I don’t understand the depth of depravity that I possess as well.

Lord, I believe with all my heart but don’t completely understand how You weave all things together for good for those who love You and are called according to Your purpose. I believe with all my heart that You hold all things together by the Word of Your power, and I can explain it theologically, but I don’t fully understand how exactly everything brings You glory.

Lord, what I do understand is that You are sovereign and still in control, no matter what depths of depravity mankind may sink to. By your grace may I rest in You and trust You with the unexplained things. I understand that You are not surprised. I understand that You are good, kind, just, loving, true, holy, gracious, and merciful. I know You forgive sin. 

Lord, I need You. Please grant me wisdom. Please help me to understand what you want me to understand, and make me an agent of Your mercy and peace, an instrument of Your grace. In the name of the sovereign sinless Savior Jesus Christ, who absorbed horrendous evil at the hands of wicked men, so that all who believe in Him might not perish but have eternal life. Amen.