Encouraged To Continue With Christ’s Church

beloved (2)

Gal. 6:9 tells us "let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up."

There are so many things in life that you just have to get up and do it even when it’s tough, because the rewards are worth it.

Like working out daily, even when you’re tired and have no desire.

Like going to work daily, even when you are dreading it.

Like loving family and friends, even when you are disappointed in them.

Like showing up and doing life with the people in your local church, even when you are discouraged.

You are to join, showing up, and keep loving everyone.

You find that — although different — you become beloved to one another.

As you behold the beauty of Christ together, and you see and experience the good news of lives changed and growing in the gospel through trials and afflictions, your souls are knit together and you are renewed and refreshed, on an ongoing basis, to continue on in Christ and the fellowship of his church.

If you are discouraged today, don't give up, continue on in Christ and interact with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Encourage someone. Bless someone. Pray for someone. Tell someone how you came to know Christ. Tell someone what's going on in your life.

This is how God designed his church to work, dependent on him and inter-dependent with one another, to accomplish his purposes, through the church to the ends of the earth.