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How should a wise and discerning Christian speak about predestination? This doctrine can be the source of internal struggle and external conflict, so it behooves us to be careful.

When theologians in Europe gathered in the Netherlands, in the town of Dort, in 1618–1619 to deal with Arminian controversy, they laid down ground rules for how to talk and preach about predestination.

"Just as, by God's wise plan, this teaching concerning divine election has been proclaimed through the prophets, Christ himself, and the apostles, in Old and New Testament times, and has subsequently been committed to writing in the Holy Scriptures, so also today in God's church, for which it was specifically intended, this teaching must be set forth—with a spirit of discretion, in a godly and holy manner, at the appropriate time and place, without inquisitive searching into the ways of the Most High. This must be done for the glory of God's most holy name, and for the lively comfort of his people." (Canons of Dort 1.14)