Jesus Cures Delusion

Malachi 2:17-3:6 is all about a faithful Father (God) graciously dealing with His foolish children (His covenant people).

Delusional thinking is denounced by God and Jesus (the Messiah) is declared as the only dependable answer.

The Delusional Sinfulness of Man 2:17
The Delightful Seriousness of God 3:1-5
The Dependable Patience of God 3:6

Man is delusionally sinful. Sinfully self righteous, skeptical, and thinking himself sovereign. Man flagrantly exalts his own glory and word above God's. Sin runs rampant in the hearts and lives of the sons of men. We bring nothing to the table but filthy rags. Lost, helpless, and thinking that we are just fine and the problem lies elsewhere.

God is delightfully serious. We ought to be very glad that He cares about His glory, mankind's sin, Christ's saving work, and the sanctification and perseverance of Christ's Church. His glory reigns over all and will be over all. Christ's saving work is utterly sufficient. He is sanctifying His Church and patiently leading them to perseverance by grace through faith.

God is dependably patient. It is only because He does not change that we are not consumed. He keeps the new covenant. He chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world. It is only by the Spirit's regenerating work and forbearing kindness leading us to repentance, that we are able to survive. And not just survive, but thrive in Christ, in the abundant life that he gives. All of grace and none of us. We stand and live in Christ's righteousness.

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