Jesus promised that He would build His church and the gates of Hell would not prevail (Matthew 16). The primary way Jesus builds His church is through local gatherings of Christians to worship together and proclaim the gospel in their community. To that end we are committed to deploying resources to plant and revitalize local churches around the world and we are excited to see Jesus fulfill His promise as we proclaim the gospel and make followers of Him!

Brian Zuniga


Michael Sciarra


Brian was on staff at Grace Orange for ten years
before being sent out to pastor at Grace
Fellowship of Cherry Valley. Along with his wife
Angela and their two kids, Jeremiah and Noel,
he has served there since October of 2017.

Michael is currently attending the Masters Seminary and serving as Pastoral Assistant at Grace Rancho in Rancho Cucamonga. He and his wife Taylor have been married since March of 2017, and they welcomed Ezra Michael into the world in March of 2019! Michael is a gifted worship leader and they look forward to what God is doing in Rancho!

Get Involved!


  • Grace Cherry Valley's Sunday Service begins at 10:15am and you can find directions here.
  • Grace Rancho's Sunday Service begins at 10:00am and you can find directions here.


  • For the Zunigas and the Sciarras.
  • That God will bring forth families and individuals from Grace Orange willing to move to Cherry Valley or to Rancho Cucamonga to take part in this amazing opportunity!
  • For the current members of both churches, that they would be gracious and open to change.
  • About the possibility of going and/or giving to support this work.


  • Please pray about the opportunity the Lord might have for you to take part in going and helping to revitalize these churches!

// that the Lamb of God might receive the full reward of His suffering //