Parables: Pt. 7 Hidden Treasure, Costly Pearl

June 5, 2011 Speaker: Mike Sciarra Series: Parables

Topic: Matthew: Following The King Passage: Matthew 13:44–13:46

Parables: Pt. 7 Hidden Treasure, Costly Pearl (Matthew 13:44-46)

The parables of the treasure and pearl belong closely together, and illustrate the whole hearted response which the kingdom of heaven requires. No sacrifice is too great, and no other concern must stand in the way of it. But the note is not of the negative giving up but of joy and fulfillment. There is something about the kingdom of heaven which makes extravagant action the only proper response." -R.T. France.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are you most motivated by?
  2. What drives your life?
  3. To whose agenda are you most committed?
  4. Are you driven by guilt and obligation or by joy and grace?
  5. How does joy motivate and obligation de-motivate?
  6. What extravagant action has God inspired in you?
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