An Oneiromancer's Tale

December 30, 2012 Series: Associate Pastors

Topic: Associate Pastors Passage: Daniel 2:1–2:30

An Oneiromancer's Tale (Daniel 2:1-30)

Discussion Questions:

  1. Daniel was gifted in oneiromancy and used it to glorify God. What is
    the coolest talent/gift to have? How would you use it to exalt the name
    of Christ?
  2. Daniel completed an impossible task because of God's direct intervention. Has there been a time something seemed (or truly was) impossible to you but was made possible by God?
  3. Nebuchadnezzar had extremely difficult standards for his interpreters. Are there times when you hold people you know to impossible standards? Why do you do that?
  4. Daniel says God is a revealer of mysteries. Do you ever feel God keeps secrets? How can you keep from feeling this way?
  5. The "Take 5" bookmark lists mysteries that God revealed in the New Testament. What is revealed in these verses? How do they make you view God? How do they make you view yourself?

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