Justified as a Gift by His Grace Romans 3:21-26

December 3, 2017 Speaker: Mike Sciarra Series: Romans

Topic: Romans Passage: Romans 3:21–3:26

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Romans 1:16-17. How is Paul’s main point in those verses echoed in 3:21?
  2. Review Romans 1:18-3:20. How do these verses prove that there is nothing we can do to stop God from being angry with us?
  3. Read Romans 3:21-26. What is the central theme of this paragraph and how does Paul show it by repeating it?
  4. In what five spots in Romans 3:21-26 does Paul tell us he is speaking of an old truth that is now more clearly revealed in the Gospel?
  5. What can the law not do according to 3:20–21 and what does the old testament do according to 3:21?
  6. Why is faith in Christ the only way to be saved? 3:22–23.
  7. What does it mean to fall short of the glory of God? See Romans 1:23; 2:7; 8:18.
  8. What does Christ's death accomplish for us? 3:24.
  9. What does Christ's sacrifice on the cross prove about God? 3:25-26.
  10. Talk about the meaning of the cross in your own words, and spend some time responding to God in adoration, love, and praise.
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