Obedient from the Heart Romans 6:15-19

April 15, 2018 Speaker: Mike Sciarra Series: Romans

Topic: Romans Passage: Romans 6:15–6:19

Discussion Questions:
Read Rom. 6:15-19, 12:1-2, 15:4; Titus 2:1; Heb. 4:12; 2 Pet. 1:16-21, 3:14-18. 

  1. Why is it so important to be aware of who we are actually serving as obedient slaves?
  2. How do we know that we have been set free from slavery to sin and are being obedient from the heart to the truth? How do we know we have been delivered over (committed by God) to God’s truth?
  3. Describe the process of (and challenges to) actively presenting our entire being to God as slaves of righteousness and how that leads to growth in holiness (a.k.a. sanctification).
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