Setting the Mind on the Spirit Romans 8:5-8

July 5, 2018 Speaker: Mike Sciarra Series: Romans

Topic: Romans Passage: Romans 8:5–8:8

Discussion Questions 

Read Romans 8:1-13; 2 Cor. 3:14, 4:4, 11:3; Phil. 4:6-9; Ps. 7:9; 1 John 3:19-24.

  1. What does it mean to set the mind on the Spirit?
  2. How do we know what the Spirit desires?
  3. Why is thinking such a big part of living in Christ?
  4. How can we live our true victory in Christ in the realm of the mind?
  5. How does a solid understanding of God’s omniscience (He is all-knowing) and omnipotence (He is all-powerful) make us more humble and keep us trusting Jesus? How can it keep us on track in our thinking and comfort us when we fall?
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