For My Own Sake Isaiah 48:9-11

February 10, 2019 Speaker: Andrew McNeill Series: Associate Pastors

Topic: Associate Pastors Passage: Isaiah 48:9–48:11

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why should we be happy that God’s ultimate purpose is to glorify himself?
  2. Self-centeredness is sinful in us, but it’s right for God to be self-centered. Why is this?
  3. How does God’s passion for himself effect how you live?
  4. Does God’s focus on his own glory take away from his love? How would you explain it to someone who thought it did?
  5. How does God’s ultimate goal shape how you think about yourself? Suffering? Missions and evangelism? Your work? Loving others? Fighting sin? Daily disappointments and struggles? Tragedy? How you speak?


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