A Living Sacrifice Romans 12:1

July 7, 2019 Speaker: Mike Sciarra Series: Romans

Topic: Romans Passage: Romans 12:1–12:1

Discussion Questions:

  1. How is the request in v1 counterintuitive? Why can it not be explained away in human terms? 
  2. Why do you think the practical application of chapters 12–16 starts off like this? How easy is it for us to pull this off? How easy might it be to fake or counterfeit? What are the possible outcomes for doing so? 
  3. What exactly does it look or feel like to present yourself as a living sacrifice to God?
  4. Why is the mind is so crucial in obeying this, and what part does the Word of God play? How will we know if we have truly done what v1 says to do?
  5. What Scriptural parallels or connections can you think of, from both the Old and New Testament, that match up to Romans 12:1?
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