Real Christianity: Zealous Family Love Romans 12:10-13

August 11, 2019 Speaker: Mike Sciarra Series: Romans

Passage: Romans 12:10–12:13

Discussion Questions

1. What heart attitudes are imbedded in the ten responsibilities to fellow believers in Rom. 12:10-13?
2. How can we fulfill these responsibilities with people who express a desire for privacy and to be left alone?
3. How do these things cost us and call us to self-denial and a outward-focus? How willing are you to invest in others?
4. How has your life been impacted as you have practiced, and been the recipient of, these things?
5. Why did God make us dependent on Him and inter-dependent with one another?
6. Why does it matter how and why we do what we‘re called to do? How is God expanding your desire to pursue His will?
7. How does fulfilling our mutual responsibilities in Christ-honoring ways show the world we belong to Jesus?
8. How did the early church model Christian community for us in Acts 2-4? Why did it fall short and how did it recover in Acts 5-6?

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