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GCO Updates

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Elder Updates

January 8, 2020

Grace Church Family,


Christ is the head of His Church, and as your elders, we look to Him as we lead you. Christ reigns as supreme sovereign over all. Therefore, we do not take matters in our own hands, we choose to live wisely under the Lord Jesus Christ and obey the Word of God. While current times have stretched us all, we have seen God strengthen His people in many ways, mercifully bringing about amazing outcomes as He saves and sanctifies as He wills.

God wants us to lead with integrity and clarity, shepherding the entire flock through difficult times. 1 Peter 4:12-19 gives us all instruction, then instructs elders in chapter 5, verses 1-5, and all the flock in verses 6-11. We are to live, not in the fear of man, but with reverence for God. While there are a range of opinions regarding COVID concerns, we ask “What would glorify God?”, “What does His Word require?”, and “How can we wisely shepherd this flock?”

We must be and do what the church is called to be and do, leading and teaching you to live in unity and love. Christ’s body is not bound to a building or certain hours. Knowing there is freedom in forms or formats, we will not budge when it comes to church functions commanded in Scripture. We will not eliminate, or neglect gathering together to worship God, preaching the Word, administering the ordinances, or practicing the one-anothers. We must engage in worship, fellowship, evangelism, and discipleship as a unified body of believers.


Regarding our gatherings going forward, we are meeting on campus and throughout the community. For now, with our on-campus events, we will continue to utilize the tent (currently our largest venue) and hold large gatherings outside. We are blessed with a church campus conducive for this. Some of our smaller groups may also meet inside some of our larger rooms, as we determine to be reasonable and best. We will trust leadership to be wise and responsible.

We do not want anyone to feel pressured to violate their conscience. Everyone has different comfort levels and must follow their conscience as they follow the Lord in a mutually accountable Christian community. We will operate as a healthy Biblical church regardless of the situation. We want to be a unified body and a solid gospel witness to the community, showing utmost love for all.

As a plurality of elders, we collectively seek the wisest, most God-honoring decisions for the flock God has called us to shepherd. Our hearts are set to honor the Lord Jesus Christ above all and do what seems most reasonable and makes the most sense. We look to the Chief Shepherd, Jesus, to lead us, as we glorify God above all, obey His Word, and lovingly shepherd the flock among us. Christ is the head of His Church, and we look to Him as we lead you.


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Weekly Updates

January 26, 2021

Grace Church Family,

Ecclesiastes 9:11-18 shows us how beautiful, wonderful, and valuable wisdom is. We see what wisdom can, and cannot, do.

  • Wisdom can do a lot of things, but it cannot escape death. 
  • Wisdom can deliver many, but cannot ensure success. 
  • Wisdom can do much good, but cannot eliminate sin's damage. 
  • Wisdom is valuable, but also vulnerable, so we must trust God's wisdom.
  • God gives wisdom, yet wisdom is not ultimate. Only God is ultimate. There is victory only in Jesus.

Jesus died so we could live, Jesus delivers us from the wrath to come, Jesus saves us from the power and penalty of sin, and one day he will save us from sin’s presence. We must trust Jesus, the power and wisdom of God.

In Christ Alone,



Read the latest Elder Update here.

View the Sunday Morning Plan that will be starting February 7th here.


  • We meet in-person under the tent at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 am with livestream (here) at 9:30 am. Join us to worship the King!
  • We need help in preparing for services under the tent! If you are able and willing to help, sign up here
  • Early Childhood ministry is available for pre-K and under all three services. 

Every believer at Grace needs to consider how to engage their God-given gifts to serve Jesus and bless others! 1st step: Go to our Serve at Grace link (here) to express your interest. A ministry leader will reach out to you. Urgent Need: GCO Facility Maintenance Crew.


  • Women of the Word Thursdays at 9:30 am. A study of the Psalms, taught by Grace Orange women. Sign up hereThursday evenings will begin again in March, studying Paul’s epistles. 
  • Women's Zoom Bible Study. Fridays from 9:00-11:00 am. More info and sign up here.


  • Quarterly Men’s Event Saturday, February 6th, 8:00-9:30 am. Standing strong on unpopular truths. Breakfast provided. Sign up here.
  • Men of the Word is restarting Friday, February 12th, 7:00 am. 

View the November Go With Grace update on our plans to develop our property here

If you or someone you know is in need of Biblical Counseling please contact either Randy Clark rclark@graceorange.org or Christina Krebs ckrebs@graceorange.org for assistance.




  • If you need help or you are able to help others, click here or contact: Randy Clark 714-599-3620 or email.


  • Online, give online here
  • Mail directly to church - 2201 E. Fairhaven Ave., Orange, CA 92869

Thank you Grace Church for your joyful, thoughtful, sacrificial, gracious giving that has enabled us to do so much ministry this year. We are looking forward to what God enables us to do with that which is entrusted to us in the coming year as Grace Church continues to joyfully, thoughtfully, sacrificially, and generously gives.

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