God wants us to spend time with Him daily in His Word and prayer, with our households, responding in God-dependent praise and obedience! We want to encourage everyone at Grace to read their Bible every day. Choose a reading plan and trust the Holy Spirit to work in and through us as we hear and do God’s Word. You can start anytime!


Gather your household together and do these 5 things:

1 // PRAY [Psalm 119:18]. Ask God to guide you.

2 // READ God’s Word.

3 // OBSERVE what it says.
What is God saying about Himself, you, the world?

4 // APPLY it to life.
How do these verses encourage and challenge you?
How can you apply it at home, church, and in the community?

5 // PRAY to God.
Acknowledge God’s character. Confess sin.
Recount Gospel truth. Thank God. Share needs.



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Canonical Reading Plan

Chronological Reading Plan