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A Christ-Centered Community

intent on proclaiming the Gospel,
making disciples, & sacrificially serving Jesus.


Looking to Jesus

A Renewed Mind

The Holy Spirit uses the Word of God to transform us.

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Sermon in a Nutshell: Romans 10:14-15 - “Why Anyone Recieves, or Rejects, Christ”

God sends people to preach so others will hear the gospel, believe, and call on Christ.

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Sermon in a Nutshell: Romans 10:8-10

Sermon in a Nutshell: Romans 10:8-10 “Believe and Confess and You will be Saved”

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Upcoming Events

Wed Jun 19

Youth Groups - Summer 2019

Meet weekly with other jr highers or high schoolers for learning, activities and friendship!

Fri Jun 21

Men of the Word

Men, come be equipped to sacrificially serve Jesus everywhere!

Fri Jun 21

Men's Friday AM Bible Study

Join us at either study, they both meet every other week.

Sun Jun 23

Fundamentals of the Faith Spring 2019

This highly interactive and relational series focuses on basic Christian doctrines.

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Join us Sunday at 

8:15, 9:45, & 11:15am