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Looking to Jesus

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Glorifying God via Romans 9:19-21


We glorify God by believing His Word, speaking well of Him, and accepting His ways and decrees....

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God is the Potter


God is in control and we can trust Him fully....

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Jesus, Our Soul’s Rest


Jesus is a balm for the Gospel-hungry soul. Jesus is our only hope and our soul’s rest....

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Press on Towards the Goal


Run the race with Christ in sight. Pour all your energy into following him. You will never be put to shame. Wait for His upward call. Praise the glories of God’s grace in Christ forever....

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A Thanksgiving Devotional


Does God's Word inspire thankfulness in your heart?...

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Strong Assurance in Christ


Rest assured, God graciously and sovereignly chose you, and nothing can separate you from His love in Christ. Nothing means nothing. God doesn’t deal in man-determined situational destinies, He is the God of unconditional election. He put no conditions on you. Your salvation doesn’t depend even 1% on you. He decided and acted upon His choice. Salvation is all of God. A...

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Setting Your Mind on the Spirit


If you want to put your mind on the things of the Spirit then put your mind on, think about, focus on, get preoccupied with, everything that the Spirit is preoccupied with. ...

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Only Jesus Can Unwaste A Life


Don’t waste your life on trifling things; things destined to burn. Invest your energy, resources, gifts, and talents on eternally significant pursuits. ...

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Proclaiming Grace to Broken Hearts


God proclaims grace to broken, breaking, bending, beloved, beautiful hearts. It is costly, painful, eternal, and free. He saves and secures suffering souls. He applies essential truth and meets the deepest need in Christ....

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Sad but True, Christian Parents can be Helicopter Parents Too


Here’s an article I wrote for Christian parents recently. I hope it is helpful....

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