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How to Please God as a Christian Right Now

beloved (2)

God’s beloved become beloved to one another. We love our family in Christ. Yet this present moment we have been living and struggling through has tested the bonds of that love, almost to the breaking point. ...

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The Best Summer Book Club


Read Jude every day, all summer long? I remember when I first had the thought, I thought that maybe people wouldn’t want to do it. Perish that thought! I am calling people to read the inspired, inerrant, infallible, authoritative, powerful, conscience-binding Word of God! ...

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Human Depravity Goes From Bad to Worse

Human depravity has a way of going from bad to worse. But the Christian’s hope is in the gospel....

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Understanding the Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit is God with you and in you, empowering you to serve Christ....

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Wrapping Up Ecclesiastes


We just finished a one-year-plus verse-by-verse preaching series through Ecclesiastes! Only our sovereign God, who providentially orchestrates everything, could have it start when Covid19 stopped life, and end when things are somewhat getting back to normal. Wow....

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The Perfect Word and the God-pleasing Believer


What if you are the one who seeks to be pleasing to God in all your ways and you cling to the Word every day? What if you are the person that’s in the Word all the time? You know you aren’t perfect but you want to please God and you are living your life carefully and for God’s glory. ...

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Serving Christ by Serving His Church


One of the ways that Jesus blesses His church is by giving people in His body different callings and gifts to serve in various roles. One of those roles is Elder and one is Deacon. While there are many ways to serve Christ’s Church, these are the primary roles and responsibilities given by God to lead and serve His Church....

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Redeeming Thanksgiving


5 ways to make the most of the opportunity at Thanksgiving. ...

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A 2020 Christmas Poem

1Christmas at Grace 2020

It’s a rather un-Christmassy Christmas, so here’s an UnChrismassy Christmas poem....

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Fatherhood Moment: The Trials of Family Time for Young Families

Family resource Thumb v1

God intends for Christian parents to teach their children the Word of God, systematically reading through Scripture and explaining it to them, teaching them the faith from the earliest age and praying in dependence on the Lord....

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