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Fatherhood Moment: The Trials of Family Time for Young Families

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God intends for Christian parents to teach their children the Word of God, systematically reading through Scripture and explaining it to them, teaching them the faith from the earliest age and praying in dependence on the Lord....

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Coronavirus and Relationships: 4 Keys To Health


This Coronavirus crisis, especially the shelter-in-place aspect, has affected many relationships. It has tested many families and friendships. An over-abundance of stress and frazzled nerves, plus dwelling in closer quarters, almost always results in increased friction. If we are honest, we have all contributed. How can you make a positive, godly impact in your home, churc...

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Sermon in a Nutshell: Romans 12:9-21 "Real Christianity"

Nutshell fixed

Romans 12:9-21 gives us a very practical picture of real Christianity. ...

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A Thanksgiving Devotional


Does God's Word inspire thankfulness in your heart?...

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Jesus Loves You!


Jesus loves you because He made you, chose you, and saved you; not because of your good behavior. ...

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Secret Disciples


Secret Disciples need to come into the light of day. ...

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Self-Righteous, Hypocritical, Weird Fanatics


Christians need a come-to-Jesus heart check. Jesus is the only answer. ...

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Thoughts on God-Centered Worship


God-Centered Worship is Your Will Surrendered...

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Thoughts on Christ-centered Preaching


The undermining and ignoring of Biblical preaching in the American church today is a travesty. ...

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Praise Jesus Joyfully


The stones are on standby in case we don’t do what we were made to do....

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