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A Veteran’s Day Observation

On this Veterans Day 2022, I encourage every believer to remember our American veterans and also commit ourselves once again to the service of the King of kings and Lord of lords, seeking to reach others with the life-saving and peace-giving gospel of Jesus Christ....

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Spurgeon and Owen on Joining a Church

Charles Spurgeon and John Owen on church membership....

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“How Should a Christian Respond to Roe V. Wade Being Overturned?”

A Christian ought to rejoice when something good happens. We should not gloat and we should not be hateful to anyone, but continue to trumpet the gospel call that all who believe in Jesus Christ will be saved....

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“A Christian’s Prayer for True Love”

“A Christian’s Prayer for True Love”...

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“A Christian’s Prayer for Clear Thinking, Loving Engagement, & Biblical Clarity”

"A Christian's Prayer for Clear Thinking, Loving Engagement, Biblical Clarity" Lord, we live in confusing times where lies are peddled as truth, and truth is pushed away, yet You are not confused. Your covenant promises are true. The rainbow and the womb and all souls are Yours. The twisting of Your Scriptures will be judged. You will judge, we must love. Please grant Yo...

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Four Guidelines for Dating Without Regrets

Helpful advice for relationships that honor God. ...

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“A Christian’s Prayer for Understanding”

We can’t make sense of this world. We can’t wrap our minds or hearts around the endless parade of depravity that we have access to at a moment’s notice today. ...

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7 Ways Pain Drives Us to God (and how to get out of the depths of despair)


7 Ways Pain Drives us to God? (And how you can get out of the depths of despair)...

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God’s Providence

devo 3-looking to jesus

The Bible clearly teaches God's providential control… ...

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Of Wolves and Weeds

devo 2-looking to jesus

Christ protects His flock through the local church and if God's people stand firm they will be opposed by those who'd rather not bow to Christ (Acts 20:26-35. 2 Tim. 1-4)....

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