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Love the Lord not the world.

Dear Christian, we seem too often to wrongly think that everything and everyone must align to please us, or all is loss and everything is a failure. This is painful idolatry and must be replaced with sincere worship.

Marriage and Family Basics

When Jesus changes your heart, your motives and affections and desires change.

Rejoicing in Regeneration and Hope

People wonder all the time if they are really a believer. Sometimes other people see a person who says they are Christian and wonder if that is a true profession of faith. This can be for any number of reasons. But there is one specific way found in 2 Timothy 2:19 where are you can know if a person is truly a Christian.

Let’s pattern our baptisms and church membership as closely to the scriptural pattern as we can. Let's link baptism and church membership more closely. Let's see them as part of a unified process to glorify God, build up believers, and reach the world.

As we live a Christ-honoring life… Pure gospel living looks different than posing for pictures It stands in stark contrast to life lived under lights A sovereign God changes our motives The authoritative Word renews our minds

As I am alive, raised, and seated with Christ by God’s grace… 5 ongoing outcomes I observe about God’s grace towards me.

Has life put a lot of mileage on you? Are you weighed down by the toll it has taken? Are you weary? Are you troubled? Do you feel hopeless? There is hope of forgiveness in Jesus.