The Harsh Reality of Betrayal

We have all heard somebody frustratingly exclaim "Are you for real?" Basically, "Really? Are you kidding me? I can't believe you said or did that. It's out of character with who you are or who you claim to be." 

It's easy to condemn Judas. God does. Think about it. He was a weed among the wheat, a wolf among the sheep, a fake among the real, a pretender, an imposter, he was acting. He wasn't the real deal. A pawn in Satan's hand. Jesus pronounced Woe on him. "The Son of man goes as it has been decreed, but woe to the one by whom He is betrayed." (Luke 22:22). 

What exactly did Judas do?

1. He bargained with Jesus' enemies.

He negotiated with terrorists. He worked with kidnappers. What will you give me? Figured he needed to get something out of the deal. The epitome of selfishness.

2. He played into the hand of the enemy.

He switched sides. The mole. A spy. Already a thief (John 12:6). The foothold was given. An easy prey.  Why did he do it? Satan put the idea in his heart. He kept up the ruse.  Betraying Jesus with a kiss.  

3. His folly figured into the greater plan of God. 

His true character was exposed and he unwittingly became part of God's sovereign orchestration of His plan of redemption.  He was marked out for destruction, and like Esau, he found no place for repentance (Heb. 12:17).