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The elders devote themselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word, shepherding the congregation in love, providing counsel, discernment and direction to members concerning doctrine and Christian living (Acts 6:4; I Peter 5:1-3; Acts 20:28).

GCO_BryanBush SM
Bryan Bush

GCO_MarkHolbrook SM

Mark Holbrook

GCO_MatthewHolbrook SM

Matthew Holbrook (Leave of Absence)

GCO_TomLicata SM

Tom Licata

GCO_DanMartin SM

Dan Martin


George Miclea

GCO_PaulPhillips SM

Paul Phillips

tom ramil

Tom Radmilovich

GCO_PeteRoberts SM

Pete Roberts

MikeSciarra 2024 - Resized

Mike Sciarra

GCO_EdTrenner SM

Ed Trenner

GCO_AlanWeisenberger SM

Alan Weisenberger