Outreach is the natural product of our relationship with God and with other believers (John 13:35). We experience the presence of a holy, loving, righteous God who is active in our lives, and we want to share that with others (Psalm 40:9-10). God’s plan for evangelism is to use the church as his ambassadors for the gospel (1 Peter 2:9). We are the “hands and feet” of Christ as we seek to build relationships with the people in our lives. Ultimately, through evangelism and service, we must proclaim the gospel to those who do not yet trust in Christ for salvation.

Before the foundation of the Earth, God set His mission in motion. Every member of His Church is to be a Christ-worshiping disciple-maker. Grace Orange aspires to grow like the early church did through people hearing the Good News and becoming believers. We desire to see lives transformed by God’s glory, and glorify Him with our lives by purposefully engaging in evangelism that incorporates people into our church family. Through sacrificial service to Jesus, we build relationships, proclaim the gospel, and demonstrate His power.

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