Timing, Desire, and Gospel Truth

Just today I took the opportunity to speak with several people about Jesus. God's timing was perfect, I wanted to do what I did, and Gospel truth was presented. While waiting around I preached Jesus to two guys who asked me for some money.  I stopped and talked. I gave them some money for their pockets as well as some food for their souls. I was glad to do both things.  I had the time, I had the desire, and I had the gospel truth in my heart and in my pocket. Before getting out of my car I had slipped two "Two Ways to Live" booklets into my pocket. I used them as well the cash in my wallet. It was a joyful experience. 

A week or so ago when Andrea DeWit was here from South Africa, I asked him what he wanted to do one afternoon when we were going to hang out. With a look of mischievous glee in his eye he said "Let's go out sharing the gospel". So the next day that is what we did. We had the time, we wanted to, and we took the Gospel truth. For several hours we walked the neighborhoods in Orange and spoke with people. We gave out frisbees and mugs and most of all the Gospel. And we exchanged many smiles and kind words along the way.

What does it take to engage people relationally with the gospel? Three simple "trusting God" things. 

1. Time. 

When I am in a rush I don't stop to engage people. When my heart is burdened with my own things I don't stop to engage people. But when I have time to spare that I have carved out or God has orchestrated, it is amazing the freedom that is present. I find that I pray for opportunities more when time is set aside.

2. Desire. 

When I do not want to talk to people and engage them with the Gospel I don't. But when my heart is light and I am intent on engaging, I do. When I make it my ambition to be pleasing to the Lord, my heart gets set on Jesus and His finished work. As I am speaking with him he lays people and places upon my heart and I want to engage others with the Gospel.

3. Gospel Truth. 

The Gospel does not contain my opinions, my preferences, or my agenda. The Gospel tells the story of a holy God who purposed to save sinful man without any help from sinful man. The Gospel centers on Jesus Christ crucified, risen, and coming again. I am simply called to share the good news in the power of the Holy Spirit and trust Him with the results. 

I absolutely love it when timing, desire, and Gospel truth converge.

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