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Proclaiming Grace to Broken Hearts


God proclaims grace to broken, breaking, bending, beloved, beautiful hearts. It is costly, painful, eternal, and free. He saves and secures suffering souls. He applies essential truth and meets the deepest need in Christ....

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Thoughts on Christ-centered Preaching


The undermining and ignoring of Biblical preaching in the American church today is a travesty. ...

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Preaching is a Holy and Shared Privilege


Preaching God's Word is a holy privilege, a truly weighty calling. ...

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Reformation, Revival, and Preaching

Reformation and Revival is marked by true preaching....

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Preaching is Almost an Alien Activity

Preaching is almost an alien activity. We get up, frail humans holding the perfect Word of God, trusting God to do something that we could never do. ...

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Preaching in the Moment

It's easy to only think of preaching's effect as what happens afterwards, but what about the actual preaching moment? The preaching moment is the most crucial and significant. ...

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Two Kinds of Preaching

Often times, believers get really nervous when they hear that they are to preach the Gospel. It should be encouraging to know that there are two kinds of preaching in the book of Acts that believers today ought to engage in as well. Two kinds of preaching means twice as much God-ordained fun....

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Preaching and Teaching

Preaching and teaching the Word of God is not about trying to get Christians to......

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Timing, Desire, and Gospel Truth

It takes timing, desire, and gospel truth to preach Jesus to people that you meet....

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Tag-Team Preaching and the Body of Christ

Tag-team preaching is not the norm. At best, it is a once-in-a-long-while way to present a unified front to a congregation and expose them to the entire pastor/elder leadership team in concentrated form. In the month of May at Grace Orange you'll hear our team preaching our new vision....

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Jesus says Repent

All people should turn from their sins and trust in Jesus Christ. ...

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