Planned, Plotted, Purposed

God planned the crucifixion. Evil men plotted to kill Jesus. Mary purposed to do what she could do out of a heart filled with loving devotion to Jesus. People who should have known better called it a waste. They gave her a hard time. Jesus called it beautiful. Worshipful. Blessed. An act of loving devotion from a heart brimming over with love for her Lord. The preached gospel wherever it went would embody this truth. His glorious truth would go worldwide. His glory would eclipse all evil. 

She did what she could only do while Jesus was on earth. He said she was anointing Him for burial. It flowed from a heart overflowing with love. 

We must do what we can only do until Jesus returns. It must come from a heart of loving devotion to Jesus. It's the overflow of a worshipping heart. 

All this and more in Matthew 26:1-13.

What can you do out of a heart of loving devotion to Jesus?