Sweet Comfort in a Time of Pain

Sweet Comfort in a Time of Pain


We have sweet comfort in a time of pain

to know we are his and that he reigns

nothing can move us when we trust in his name

we have sweet comfort him a time of pain.


When the rough times,

and you want to shout

please wait on him, he will work it out,

marvelously working.


He's our Lord and he wants to see

our hearts assured waiting quietly.

Til the storm subsides and the new day dawns,

with the sun in our hearts standing firm and strong.


Everything that happens he works for good,

so we will not do the things we would,

if we had no hope for a brighter day,

and the promise in him and the power to stay.


Praise the God of all comfort yes our God reigns.

What is rightfully ours he lets us see you.

Christ in us our hope of glory.

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