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Archives for January 2013

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High-Roaders See Jesus

High-road travelers see Jesus. ...

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Jesus, Friend of Sinners

Jesus' love and grace overcomes. ...

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Seeing the Invisible

Jesus opens unseeing eyes. He did it for the physically blind. ...

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Jesus came so that we might have life in abundance. ...

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The Meek are not Weak

God blesses the humble meek who may be bold as a lion but know where their true power comes from. ...

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Grace and Glory

Grace and glory tower over greed and grandeur. ...

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Assurance of Salvation

Many Christians lack assurance of salvation, while some unbelievers live with false assurance. How can you know for sure if you are saved?...

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Seven Words, Seven Woes, Part 2: Jesus' Word to Door-Closers

Jesus' Word to Door Closers...

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