Courage and Conviction

My heart aches once again, this time over hearing how one Bible-believing Christian's voice, that of ESPN's Chris Broussard, cannot be tolerated to speak God-honoring truth respectfully amid a sea of total celebration of a so-called Christian blatantly living in unrepentant sin. The response to Broussard is nothing short of hateful intolerance.

Up against Jesus' words in Matt. 24:35 "My words will never pass away" is a one-sided culture war being forced upon us. Intense pressure to accept as right what we know is wrong. We cannot disagree respectfully. We must accept without question. This is the world we live in. The pressure to cave is immense. There is complete intolerance for any view that doesn't affirm the loudly celebrated parade of people in open rebellion to God. Bible believing Christians who seek to be loving to all people are considered caveman freaks for holding to God's Word without twisting it to condone sin.

This is the world we live in. If we have not braced ourselves for this reality, then we're already close to being pulled over the tug-o-war line. I am praying that we would all live lives that honor God as we stand on Biblical truth - even as it is called untrue and we, liars.