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Daily Family Worship: What Convinced Me

Here's my story of why my mailbox reminds me daily of something really important, a ministry that is often ignored, looked down upon and thought unimportant or just impossible. ...

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Christ and Marriage

Why should Jesus Christ be the focus of a Christian marriage? Actually the real question should be how can any marriage be considered Christian if it isn't focused on Christ?...

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Believers Must Beware, Believers Must Share

Believers Must Beware, Believers Must Share...

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Do You Feel Condemned?

I know that some people celebrate and condone sin. But most people I know, and most people that would show up to a church, feel more condemned for their sins....

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Why John 3:16 changes everything

John 3:16 is big. It is not light and fluffy, it is significant and weighty. It tells us the basis of the cross. It tells us why Jesus died in our place. It tells us why his precious blood was shed. And it gives us the answer for why we can have any hope of being saved. Nicodemus came to Jesus at night, because he was afraid of his fellow countrymen who hated Jesus. It is...

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