He of Cradle, Cross, and Crown

"He of Cradle, Cross, and Crown"

He in the Cradle was laid
Humble He came
Helpless babe
Heaven-sent Son
Hardly noticed by the crowds
Heard the angels sing His praise
Held by Mary and Simeon
Happy were their hearts that day

He on the Cross was laid
Helping many find rest
Healing the masses
Hungering multitudes
Hurling abuse at the perfect One
Hurt by wounds the soldiers gave
Hung up with criminals
Held temporarily in a grave

He on which a Crown was laid
History changing
Hell defeating
Hope of the nations
Heralding everlasting peace
Hallowed Name now exalted
Honoring every promise
He reigns in sovereign glory

He of Cradle, Cross, and Crown
Glorious the Cradle
Glorious the Cross
Glorious the Crown
Glory in His life
Glory in His death
Glory in His resurrection
Glorious Lord Jesus Christ



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