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Beloved and Beautiful

Beautiful Savior. ...

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Can Man be Good Apart From God?

Can man be good apart from God? Can people be good without use of the Bible? Some say Yes emphatically. I say an equally emphatic No. Where's the objective standard of proof that people can do that? Actually, here's the deal: Only God is truly good. His is the only truly objective standard of goodness....

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Delighting in God's Beauty

True believers delight first in God Himself. ...

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Holiness is the New Flossing

DeYoung calls holiness the new camping. I call it the new flossing. What everybody knows they need to do, but don't really want to do, and only does when they have to....

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The Annoyance of Holiness

C.S. Lewis, in one of his letters wrote, “How little people know who think holiness is dull. When one meets the real thing…it is irresistible.” Jonathon Edwards commented, “Holiness is a most beautiful and lovely thing. We drink in strange notions of holiness from our childhood, as if it were a melancholy, morose, sour and unpleasant thing; but ther...

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Holiness Reinvisioned

I can't help but think that within the Christian community we often think of holiness in the wrong ways. We think of it as a human ideal to measure up to rather than what it really is, a divine character to imitate and align with. It hasn't helped that through the years holiness has meant many things to many people, and it usually has to do with the standard of behavior th...

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Scheming to Bless

Doesn't it always seem like we are scheming to get our needs met? We are angling, we are conniving, we are trying to work the angles so that we get what we want....

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Timing, Desire, and Gospel Truth

It takes timing, desire, and gospel truth to preach Jesus to people that you meet....

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