Preaching in the Moment

I love the Word of God. I love the Gospel truth of Christ crucified, risen, and coming again. My heart is thrilled to know that God chose me in Christ before the foundation of the world, and in His perfect time regenerated me and drew me to Himself. My heart is filled with wonder and amazement at what Christ has done for us. The substitutionary, vicarious, atoning death of Christ on the cross in shedding His blood for my sin in my place blows me away. The depths of God's mercies are faithful every morning and His grace spurs me on to engage others with the Gospel truth.

That's why I am excited to preach every Sunday at Grace. I get to live with a passage of scripture all week long and see it transform my heart and then I get to present it to you and see it transform yours. I really am excited about the actual event of preaching and receiving the Word of God. I do believe that the Holy Spirit does something in us that is significant in the very moments when His Word is preached and received.

As Jonathan Edwards said, “The main benefit that is obtained by preaching is by impression made upon the mind in the time of it and not by the effect that arises afterwards by a remembrance of what was delivered…Preaching, in other words, must first of all touch the affections."

So I am angling towards Sunday and praying that God would do whatever He wants in us and through us. And I want you to be praying for Sunday too. That we would all receive God's Word with joyful and receptive hearts.

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