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“Healthy things grow, growing things change, changing things challenge us, challenge forces us to trust God, trusting leads to obedience, obedience makes us healthy, healthy things grow”       _______________________________________________

We are excited and encouraged by what God is doing in the hearts and lives of the people at Grace. Praise Jesus for the direction God is leading us in as a body.


What are we doing? 

Looking at the big picture and what God wants for His Church, we have come up with a refreshed master plan for Grace. This involves restating our wording, renewing our commitment and focus, and recasting our vision and goals.


Why are we doing it? 

We want to foster a renewed sense of purpose in following Jesus as a church, as households, and as individuals. We want to align with God's Word, ways, and will, for His glory.

How are we communicating it? 

In order to clearly and creatively express what God has put on our hearts, we have developed an engaging Vision Document. And from this Vision Document, our elders and pastors are preaching our Grace Orange Basics series.

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