Exalted Savior

Exalted Savior

We do now behold His glory
Our eyes still wondering see
One from the Father begotten
Morning Star from eternity.

Murdering hands ruthlessly killed
The humble-bold manger man
Not victorious, sin never could
Ruin Sovereign Deliverer's plan.

In sin immersed we are condemned
None deserves nor merits favor
He took the death we fairly earned
Peasant King, Exalted Savior.

The Precious Blood was freely shed
Persevering saints stuck in the mire
Faithful call to thronging masses
Repent before the flood of fire.

Mind and body in unison rise
To gracious gift the Son did send
To live for Christ and Gospel truth
Our heartfelt praise will never end.

Through everything we run the race
Pressing on to heavenly prize
Though we fall we cannot perish
Our eyes are ever on the skies.

Speeding toward the consummation
Grace unending breeding Grace
Heaven waiting, Hell unbending
Shortly we shall see His Face.