The Best Summer Book Club


The Best Summer Book Club


Read Jude every day, all summer long? I remember when I first had the thought, I thought that maybe people wouldn’t want to do it. Perish that thought! I am calling people to read the inspired, inerrant, infallible, authoritative, powerful, conscience-binding Word of God!


I remember when I first said it to our church, asking them to read Jude every day this summer as I am preaching through this 25 verse book. Some probably thought it was a little silly. Some probably thought it was a little extreme. Some probably tried to get out of the assignment. Yet, I stand by my premise: It’s the best book club to be in this summer.


What better thing than to get the Word of God into our pores and let it sink deep into our souls.


What better thing than to read the word of God collectively with the people of God.


What better model to lay down for our children and grandchildren than to consistently attend to the Word of God.


What better thing than to meditate on one passage of scripture over and over again until you basically have it memorized, or at least you know what’s coming next with each new sentence.


It has been life-changing for me. In addition to my regular Bible reading plans that I am going through this year, I have placed Jude side-by-side and reminded myself that this is good. I have read Jude in numerous cities and with numerous groups of people. I love a spur of the moment reading of Jude. I love reading Jude on Sunday mornings with the gathered church. I love reading it on Wednesday nights at Jude 2.0. I love reading it with my men’s group on Wednesday mornings. I love reading it with our staff. I love reading it with various people that I meet with. I love reading it with brothers in Christ on a hike.


Jude fits anywhere and everywhere in life. What an object lesson! What a discipline. What a microcosm of how we are to bring the Word of God into our lives, in every area, in any circumstance, at any time. It always is appropriate. It always is good. It always transforms our souls. May we listen, heed, obey, and treasure the bare Word of God!


The benefits are numerous.


Here are 15, in no particular order, except that this is how I how of them.:-)


It sets us on the path of daily Bible reading.

It warns us of the danger that lurks in every church.

It may have jumpstarted someone’s waning or wandering faith.

It may have brought an unbeliever to faith.

It gives someone something to read in the Bible every day.

It encourages our souls.

It reminds us that the Christian life is a church community project.

It reminds us that guarding the truth is one of our callings.

It reminds us that we live in a contentious world.

It reminds us that we must fight for the faith once for all delivered.

It reminds us to cling to the Word of God as our compass.

It engages the mind in meaningful meditation.

It points us to Christ’s return.

It reminds us of the keeping power and grace of God that sustains and perseveres us.


Above all, it magnifies God in all His glory and causes us to glorify Him.