Romans Revisited

Romans Blog Post

In Romans we have seen God’s glory, greatness, and power towards us who believe.

Romans 1: Mankind’s depravity - downward cycle of sin.

Romans 2: God’s judgment - righteous and holy.

Romans 3: God’s revealed righteousness.

Romans 4: Justification by faith.

Romans 5: Peace with God, death in Adam, life in Christ.

Romans 6: Dead to sin, alive to God. Slaves to righteousness.

Romans 7: The battle with sin within while being saved.

Romans 8: Life in the Spirit, adoption, future glory, everlasting love.

Romans 9: God’s sovereign choosing in election.

Romans 10: Israel’s unbelief and Gospel to all nations.

Romans 11: Israel’s future restoration.

Romans 12: All who trust Christ’s sacrifice for sin give themselves fully to Him.

Romans 13: Submitting to God-ordained authorities.

Romans 14: Do not judge your brother or cause him to stumble.

Romans 15: The unified Church in Gospel partnership; presenting Christ the hope of the world.

Romans 16: Changed people serving Christ, avoiding divisiveness, glorifying God above all.

Romans is about God’s righteousness revealed in the Gospel received through faith in Jesus Christ. Those who believe the Gospel, rest in the Gospel, rejoice in the Gospel, and by God’s strength live the Gospel. It's not about how to live your best life now, not fulfilling your dreams, not getting what you want, not ten easy steps to self-actualization.

It's about God providing what we need: bringing life & immortality to light through the Gospel. So that we live unashamed of the Gospel, uncondemned by sin, and unconformed to the world.

As we are exposed to the Word rightly handled and accurately interpreted, the powerful Word works in us who believe. For God’s ultimate glory.