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Finding Pleasure in God by Doing the Word


Take the opportunity to find your pleasure in God today, rather than wallowing in self-pity, or pontificating about your opinions. Read Hebrews 13:1-19 and see how many exhortations you can practice during this shelter-in-place, social distancing, quarantine time....

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The Great Physician Knows

I don’t know about you, but it’s kind of nice to know you get to just rest a while. We are so crazy busy in our lives that sometimes we don’t stop to take a breather. So, a forced pause might be just what the Great Physician ordered....

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Christmas Points to the Gospel

Christmas Blog

The Gospel is the good news of the grace and power of God to redeem undeserving sinners to eternal life through Jesus’ perfect, sinless life; substitutional, sacrificial death; and resurrection from the grave. ...

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Romans Revisited

Romans Blog Post

For the past 2+ years in Romans we have seen God’s glory, greatness, and power towards us who believe....

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A Thanksgiving Devotional


Does God's Word inspire thankfulness in your heart?...

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How Not to be Ashamed of the Gospel


How true believers can be not ashamed, offended by, or stingy with the Gospel. ...

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Serving Everyday


May the Gospel be displayed like water to thirsty and desperate souls, just like mine, through all who believe....

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Thoughts on Gospel-Changed Relationships


Has the Gospel changed your heart? Then your relationships will change because you will work hard with the Lord's strength to do what you know is right. It's part of being in the family....

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Crossing the Kidron


Inspired by Matthew Holbrook's sermon on John 18:1-11. ...

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Satisfaction and Substitution

The theological words satisfaction and substitution need to be carefully defined and safeguarded, but they cannot in any circumstances be given up. The biblical gospel of atonement is of God satisfying himself by substituting himself for us....

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God's People Share God's Mission

God's people share God's mission. We may not always feel, look, or act like it, but when God reconciled us to Himself through Christ we became ambassadors for Christ in a very needy world (2 Cor. 5:17-21)....

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Thankfulness Abounds

I am thankful for the precious blood of Christ by which I'm saved. ...

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The Gospel is Everything

The gospel is everything you need to please God....

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Gospel Love and the Abiding Word

God brings about a beautiful change and resulting commitment to His family, in the lives of all He has chosen....

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The Clock and the Dollar: Greedy Tyrants or Gospel Tools?

Are you serving the clock and the dollar, or are they serving God's good gospel purposes? What's the reality in your life? Would you like to know how you can break free?...

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Life Change is a Work of God's Grace

The very bright and powerful hope of the gospel is that lasting life change is really possible. The finished work of Christ at the Cross means that restarts can and actually do happen by the miraculous working of God. ...

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What Christians Really Want

What do born again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ really really want?...

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God values life, we stand for life

God is the giver of life. We must stand for life....

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Gospel-transformed Serving

One of the things that the gospel does in transforming our lives is give us the best possible reason to give our lives in service to God and others....

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Gospel Transformation

The wonders of sovereign grace and gospel transformation....

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The Precious Blood of Christ

Going to the Cross Jesus' life was innocent, devalued and hated. We were guilty, puffed up and self-absorbed. ...

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Repentance Revisited: The Other Half of the Gospel

Some people get disillusioned and say this Jesus thing doesn't work. It's because they are walking around with only half a gospel. ...

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The Gospel Implications of Repentance

The gospel of the grace of God in Christ is drenched in mercifully provided repentance that not only restores vitality of faith but health in Christ's body the Church. It is something for which we must pray and rejoice when it comes. It is needed like air, on a moment by moment basis. For the flourishing of Christ's Bride and for the nations to be made glad in God (Acts 5:...

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Scars and a Story to Tell

Pain is a part of every life and God gives believers an amazing story to tell. . ...

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You have Gospel Work to Do!

Every Christian has gospel work to do. And every Christian is called to do that work in the Church and the world....

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South Africa 2013 - Recap of Days 9-14

South Africa 2013 Recap of Days 9-14...

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South Africa 2013 - Recap of Days 1, 3 & 4!

What's happening in South Africa? Check it out!...

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