Well Done, Church!

Beloved Friends,

God's people need to be commended more often! This is one of those times. What happened? Christ in us happened. Our hope of glory. God is so good. By His mercy and grace He saved us in Christ. By His mercy and grace we live in Christ. I know He is calling us deeper in Christ in our hearts, homes and shared life together as a church. For the past seven years I've been seeing it and I'm seeing it in increasing measure. Maybe my eyes are open wider. I suspect that, and that God is taking us through another season of deepening devotion to Christ and a corresponding outward motion towards the world with the gospel. 

I believe God wants Grace Orange to be a place where God-confident and God-dependent focus on the gospel, God's Word and prayer are at the forefront, the bedrock on which we build everything. Our Sovereign God using His surrendered people. So, I thank God and you for your commitment to preaching the gospel, making disciples and serving Jesus sacrificially In your households and far beyond. Concentric circles of grace are abounding and the ripple effects in God's hands can be quite literally life altering and kingdom expanding. It's making a difference in our homes, neighborhoods and communities. May God continue to use us for His glory.

For Jesus and the gospel,